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[Inserted links from other articles]: Extensive Searchfacility (Kuhn, Massey,Vitvan, a.o.) at my Main site

[see also a fuller bibliography in theosophy basics, part 2]

1. Fundamentals of the esoteric philosophy, G. de Purucker

also available, in one convenient PDF, at my main site

2. Man in evolution, G. de Purucker
New paradigm regarding evolution

3. More online theosophical books

4. Katherine Tingley manuals on theosophy
A series on some of the main tenets of theosophy

5. My scribd account. Many books (Boehme, a.o.), my free ebook and some new articles of mine.

new in 2009: Theos-networkMany non-associated theosophists in a social network. Take a look!

Keys to Kabbalah by Alan Bain

[end inserted links]